Data Conversion FAQs

  1. When will the Data conversion take place?
    The full conversion will take place later this year, however members can start to prepare now. More on an exact timeline will come later.
  1. Why are we doing this data conversion?
    Completing this data conversion will help us align fields with the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). The alignment of fields will make it easier now and in the future to communicate with other software applications and tools in the real estate industry.
  1. What is the RESO Data Dictionary and why are we using this?
    The RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) Data Dictionary is the real estate industry’s universal language for data. RESOs mission is to create and promote the adoption and utilization of standards that drive efficiency throughout the real estate industry.
  2. Why am I being asked to clean up current contacts and saved searches?
    As PMAR actively prepares for the data conversion, we encourage all members to begin cleaning their current contacts and saved searches. This effort will prove invaluable once our new database goes live. Removing unused searches and contacts from your profile system will help in reviewing these items after the conversion easier.
  1. How will the conversion affect existing listings?
    FBS has a data team that will map original data fields to their new RESO standardized data fields where it is applicable. If the original data field has been removed and there is no conversion option, then the field will be appended to the listing’s public remarks.