Our Committees

Below is a brief overview of our current committees.

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for their time and support in moving the association forward.

Interest forms typically go out in the 4th quarter for the following year, so stay tuned!
Have questions about committees? Please reach out to Jamie Farnam at jamie@poconorealtors.com
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee 

The DEI Committee actively contributes to our mission of fostering a more inclusive and equitable real estate environment. Engage in collaborative efforts to develop and implement strategies, initiatives, and educational programs that specifically address diversity issues within the industry. We strive to empower Realtors of all backgrounds and collectively build stronger, more inclusive communities. 

Finance Committee 

Members of the Finance Committee are encouraged to leverage their financial expertise in the crucial task of reviewing and advising on the association’s budget, financial planning, and fundraising initiatives. This committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring the ongoing financial strength and sustainability of our association, making it an ideal platform for those passionate about fiscal responsibility and strategic financial management. 

Government Affairs Committee 

The Government Affairs Committee offers a unique opportunity to actively shape policies that impact the real estate industry. Engage in advocacy for Realtor-friendly legislation, influencing the political landscape through collaboration with fellow members. Contribute to monitoring legislative issues, engaging with local and state officials, and developing strategies to benefit our profession and property owners. 

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Committee  

The Multiple Listing Service Committee is a team of dedicated members who collaborate on enhancing our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system. They collaborate on initiatives that aim to streamline data entry, improve data accuracy, and ensure that our MLS platform remains a valuable tool for all Realtors. They play a crucial role in supporting our members’ success by providing them with a powerful and user-friendly MLS experience. 

Professional Development Committee 

Members of the Professional Development Committee play a key role in contributing to a dynamic learning environment for our association’s members. Committee members contribute to finding and promoting impactful training programs, workshops, and resources aimed at empowering Realtors for continuous growth and improvement in their professional journey. 

RPAC Trustees (Realtors Political Action Committee) 

The RPAC Trustees promote the PAC to ensure representation on Realtor issues in local and state legislatures. Active participation in reviewing candidates and shaping our association’s political advocacy efforts makes this committee an essential player in influencing the future of real estate policy and advocacy. 

Short-Term Rental Committee 

In the ever-evolving world of short-term rentals and vacation properties, the Short-Term Rental Committee engages in developing guidelines and best practices for short-term rental management. Working with municipalities, HOAs, and other key stakeholders, they defend private property rights and keep our members informed about relevant regulations.