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February 19, 2021

Avoid Liability in ‘Sight Unseen’ Sales

by Deanne M. Rymarowicz Key Takeaways:  More buyers than ever are making offers without setting foot inside a home Disappointed purchasers most often bring claims against a real estate broker when they discover a previously unidentified defect or other undesirable feature of the home. Disclosure laws and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics still apply in virtual transactions. Buying a home “sight unseen” was not a phenomenon…Read more
February 4, 2021

More Retirees Relocating

By: Kelly Leighton on February 4th, 2021 in Industry News The old cliché is that everyone retires to the beach, right? Well if 2020 proved anything, it’s that there is no “normal” anymore. While the warmer states are still popular for retirement, there have been some shifts in lifestyles among retirees. In 2020, nearly 400,000 Americans relocated for their retirement, the most in five years, and Florida was not the…Read more
January 8, 2021

Social Media for Real Estate Agents: Do’s and Don’ts

It's no secret that a killer social media game should be an an important part of every real estate agent's marketing strategy. But the thought of posting on social media can make even savvy real estate agents start to sweat. There's lot of social media platforms and each is a little bit different, but some similar rules should govern your interaction with all of them.…Read more