Home Maintenance Tips to Stay Ahead of Repairs

By: Kelly Leighton on  in 

Homeownership can be overwhelming and keeping up with the little things can seem exhausting.

Where do your homeowners begin? Chris Janiak, the homecare pro at Hippo, said there are a few easy things that homeowners can do now to prevent future headaches or, even worse, expensive fixes.

“Dryer vents are super important to keep clean year-round, as there are safety issue in regard to fire if there is buildup. In the winter months, it’s important to keep an eye on plumbing, especially with frozen pipes in unexpected areas, like a garage,” he said. “Overall, for homeowners, I always also suggest cleaning out drains, it’s an easy win and can prevent a call to the plumber.”

Cleaning HVAC filters is another easy task to add to the to-do list. “I recommend cleaning it every two or three months with people being home more these days,” said Janiak.

Janiak advises patience with home maintenance. “It’s OK to get educated, it’s OK to have questions. If you have a problem as a renter, your landlord takes care of it. Now that you own something, that is on you. As a homeowner, there is a lot to learn. But there is only a finite number of things that can happen to your house.”

However, Janiak cautions homeowners to not overcommit themselves. “Sometimes, owners bite off more than they can chew. They think they understand plumbing or electrical without really knowing what they are doing, which is potentially a safety hazard. Something to ask yourself is how good of a DIY-er are you really?”

“If you hit a roadblock, reach out to a professional,” advised Janiak. “Maybe it’s a massive issue that would require a professional. Have someone you trust to go to and who you will lean on. It makes a big difference, so you are not scrambling when something is happening. Your house needs maintenance; be a better homeowner.”

Hippo offers a home maintenance checklist that your clients can use to keep up with everything around the house – before it becomes a problem.